Unconventional Thinking
Unconventional Thinking
More than almost any other
industry, good software development requires
good people
Peter Joh
founder & chief architect
Peter has led the development of large applications for a large variety of industries, working on high-volume web applications for eBay/Stubhub, developing hand-writing applications for Microsoft, even creating his own open-source programming-language by extend Java with its own language for data (Project Hierarchy). He has also researched new forms of software architecture creating a novel way of view our systems called N-Dimensional Architecture with Scaling. He went to the University of Michigan where he graduated with a BS in computer science and also studied music theory and composition.
Brian Joh
head of technology
Brian has extensive experience in solving difficult technical problems in software. At Twitter, he worked on their SMS platform, connecting Twitter to the different mobile providers. At Lucent Technology, he developed a C++ to Java Translator that allowed Lucent to convert their legacy C++ code to Java in an automated fashion, saving them great amounts of time and money. At Ford Motor Company he created a service that allows users to log into UNIX machines using their Microsoft Active Directory information (Single Sign-On). This service needed to provide the highest level of security and Brian was required to enhance many of the UNIX security libraries (Kerberos). In his spare time, he developed his own UNIX X-Server and has a Master's degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan where he researched file-access algorithms for file systems.
Patrick Daly
head of business dev
Patrick has led sales and marketing teams for numerous large and small companies. Currently, Pat is a marketing consultant for Dassault, the developers of the most powerful 3D CAD software in the world, used to design complex systems such as vehicles, buildings, and factory assembly-lines. Current users of Dassault's products include Lockheed Martin, Boeing, CERN, Tesla Motors, MIT, Ford and NASA. At American Growth Fund, a $120 million mutual fund, he was Head of Sales and Marketing where he brought in $5 million dollars in new investment. For the National Democratic Party in Colorado, he helped redefine their strategy for the public perception of the party's major demographics (middle and working class families). He has also worked as the Manager of Technology Support for the Office of the Secretary of State in Colorado (elected official: Donetta Davidson).